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Without really realising i have started doing a few pushups and situps before i go to sleep. I did it to try and ease the pain i had in my stomach a few days ago. I thought if i used my stomach muscles a bit then the feeling like i had my ripped my chest open would go away.

Anyway, i have started to notice a difference already, and im gonna keep it up – and who knows i might even end up going for a run! WOhhh steady on a bit… 😀

I should really go to sleep now. I get to see helen again tomorrow so the sooner i sleep the sooner tomorrow will come. Bangin’


  • My adidas superstar forum is ROCKETING! We have so many new signups now, and we have become quite a pest to the fake sellers on ebay who flood the pages with fake Ltd edition works of art.. We have already forced ebay sellers to let what they thought were gonna be lil gold mines – end up going for peanuts after a few relists.. 😉
  • is up and working great, got to add some feature car stuff but thats not gonna be to difficult.

Bangin. Just got to get these pesky websites im making out the way and i can finally chill the fuck out!

Goodnight 🙂

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