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I have managed to accumilate LOTS of extra sleep this week, which has helped me in the mornings cos im not very good at mornings. Ive been opening my eyes at about 7, and just dozing about for an hour. Its been marvelous!

Starting to get bogged down at the mo tho, so many things i need to do, and NO nmotivation at all. I managed to get karls site pretty much finished, well at least i think its about finished. Ive jsut got to find that bloody CD he gave me, so that i can add images to his gallery etc. Then i can finish that, and the amen corner one, and at least thats a few thigns out the way and some extra cash in the bank.

I MUST motivate myself when i get home.. I have GOT to finish at least one of them befreo i go out tongiht.. GO OLLY GO!

Im really getting pissed off with my laziness when it comes to my cars too. My clio is blatently broken, and im kinda ignoring it and continuing using it, even though i know the wheels gonna fall off soon. Or something equally as dangerous. If i die in a car crash that turns out to be my own fault, i expect no sympathy!

I guess i have been waiting for scott. I need his big ass jack so i can get under the back of my caddy. I want to use it so much, its not even funny ๐Ÿ™ I must of had it 4 years now and using it for about 1 week of that max is pretty ridiculas! It doesnt even need that much to get it working. Damm my laziness!

AND, im gettin sick t the back teeth with people hasstleing me for stuff. Help with this, help with that. I have enough on trying to live my own life never mind help everybody else live their fuckers!


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Alright dude. Just stopping by to say hi since I aint been on here in ages.

How’s shit going? What you up to nowadays? Apart from STILL fucking with the caddy I see… if you ever actually got it fixed and working I think the world would just tear itself apart something, it’s just not meant to happen.


hi mate, thanks for poppin over.. i read your blog now and then but ive only really started getting into myspace recently so never had chance to drop a comment in..

Yeah things are pretty steady dude, i work for doing digital printing and design, its a pretty sound place to work to be fair.

What about you? Are you working?

And the caddy WIll be my daily driver by the end of this year.. DEFINATLY.. i hope.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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