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For the first time..

In months, ive gone massivly overdrawn. Fuck. Another £35 fucking charge. Its robbery. I actually rang my bank up not too long ago and complained tha the charges were preventing me from ever being able to get out of the hole i was in. Debt is the most vicious circle of all.

I do get paid tomorrow, but i have still got to get through today with no food or anything. I could of done with filling my car up too. Ah well. Maybe if the weathers actualyl nice this afternoon, ill find the time to go to my caddy and do a few bits and bobs to that. I know i cant do much, but if i just get the engine back together, and maybe wack some jump leads on it. Ill see if i can start it up.

Kinda getting really stressed out at the minute, i need to get a few sites finished SOON as then ill get paid from them etc. Money = savings = travelling = happy.

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I’m going to end up going overdrawn for the first time ever in the next few weeks. Going from being paid weekly to being paid monthly, so I’m screwed.

The bank’s all too happy to give me a massive overdraft and then charge me for using it as soon as they possibly can, but I don’t want to give them the satisfaction.

I really need to sort something out to avoid going overdrawn. If I can avoid it now then I might be able to avoid it for a few more years 😀 It’s not a good habit, I think.

Its a horrible place to be!

In the red!

Cancel your bill that will take you overdrawn, and when they contact you for payment dely them slightly till you can afford it..

What bank u with dude?

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