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Feel the burn

After something like 3 or 4 days pretty much staring at a computer screen, i go straight ahead and work two 12 hour security shifts. One saturday daytime and one sunday day time. Its 1/4 to eleven and im absalutley shattered. I should of gone to bed hours go really, im never gonna feel 100% for work tomorrow. Burnout! &*^”*()^error
Although ive not really done much but sit in a portacabin, walk round a bit and watch films and make websites -  ive still managed to have some kind of a weekend. Allbeit a small one. And as small as it may of been, it was one of the best evenings ive had in months. And the night was made so special by a certain someone whos really brighteneing a recent dark patch of my life up.. 🙂
Meh. im tired. Brain has actually stopped functioning properly now and im struggeling to even move my fingers – so ill waffle some more tomorrow.

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