My Past Rhymes

As Hannibal would say..

As we travel through this life, so hectic,
It moves so fast dont blink, you might miss it,
Paths lay down our feet, right before us,
Desisions to make, the plan is not flawless,
What do you do if you choose the wrong pathway?
A bad choice once, now seems like the right way?
And then one day for me, a pathway appeared,
I start to venture down it, dispite all that i feared,
And now i get to settle, all those questions on my chest,
Answer all those questions id abandoned and id left,
It feels funny going back, to something i had once neglected,
Think of then and in-between, and how it had affected,
My life my thoughts my dreams, and the pathway that i chose,
I thank the day that i got picked, to take my second go.

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