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Time to think…

Woh! What a fakcing crazy couple of days! First i had the masssive task of rebuilding the site.

I did that, and just as i was about to have a VERY early ngiht, i got dave aslking me to help him with something.

I started speaking to him, and it appeared that the old co-owner of a rival site of ours ( had fucked off, and left them int he shit.

I have NO idea what caused the problems that they were having, it was like somsone had stolen their domain name and were pointing it to a totally different server.

Anyway, i tracked down and fixed theri site for them, all bar one error which i couldnt sort for the life of me. Its made me realise how much i actualyl know when it comes to things like that.

Anyway, im not going anywhere near a pc tonight. I think ive earned a night off.

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