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I like to ruffle feathers. I like to cause arguments, and i like to piss people off. So i just had to wear my Trinidad and Tobago top today for work. Why? Becasue england play T&T today, and roughtly everyone apart from me is wearing an england top.

This whole world cup season is bullshit. No one likes living in this god damm awful country unless the footy’s on. Then every man and his dog is flying england flags, wearing england tops, making any random white surface into a st georges flag. Well its all bullshit. I remember reading an article in the newspaper, it was just after or the day after St Georges day, and something like 2 out of the 10 royal places that really should of been flying the St Georges cross, were not!

And yet, as soon as a bunch of overpaid football players fly out to a 7 star hotel in germany to get waited on hand and foot, and then go and kick a ball around – the entire english population go out and buy everything they can with a red cross on it. I even saw Ltd editon England Stanley tape measures in peggs. I mean, come on people. If your gonna be patriotic, then be patriotic all the time, not just when it suits you – or when its fashionable.

Trinidad and Tobago

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