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Thats the noise my brain made about a hour ago. I have burnt myself out over these alst few days, stressing, coding, editing, adding, changing, moving, porting, creating..

But the good news is Maxxd V2 is now;

  • Running PHPbb2
  • Gallery Port Mod Added
  • Custom Modifications to heder and footer
  • Quick reply hack added
  • Shoutbox mod added
  • And custom theme created and applied
  • All above installed and tested.

Its taken me 2 days to get it to this stage, with 1 little bit off help from daniel to get the galelry upgraded. I did the rest myself, and im very proud of mysel for it too. Its been very hard, and i think i have had some form of breakdown, or error occur in my head as its hurting all the time and feels like it is going to pop.

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