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A very busy evening..

Well, i have finally decided and actioned the switch. The nuke installation that we have been running off for 4 years has closed its gates, and V2.0 has been born!

It looks like a simple forum but there is a lot of behind the scenes work going off that is very stressfull. The gallery is all over the place at the mo too, i have had to upgrade it before i can port it, and im kinda stuck halfway thru that as i write this now..

Things left to do

  1. Change httpd.conf so that gallery hopefully works.
  2. install the stuff to port it to the new site
  3. figure out how to close the old nuke site one, but have it open for viewing.

Then there the ghettro site, the k-tintz site and the amen site to finish.. boy have i bitten off more than i can chew right now!

I must sleep now before i fuck something up.. 🙂

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