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There’s always one bad prawn cracker.

Work was insanely stressfull today. It was too hot, too humid, and just plain wack. I couldnt wait to get the fuck out of there. It had been raining for quite a lot of the day too which meant stuff was supposed to cool down – but i didnt untill i was home and had my shirt off for about an hour. Then i was fine.

Wardo pointed out on maxxd that british people tend to complain when its shit weather, and then complain when its good weather. And hes damm right in saying that. Its not as complicated for wardo tho, cos he’s a skinny ass mo fo 😉 but us big bastards do feel the heat a bit more. But i tend to prefer the hot months. If any of us spent enough time in a foreign country we would become climatized to that area and you’d be sound.

Air con at work will sort all my problems 🙂

Oh and i have been itching to use some chopsticks again as i used some last night and they rule. So i tried my luck at a chow mein, which was a lot easier than the rice i had the previous night. I want to be able to use them for when i go there in my not to distant future! 🙂

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