My Past Rhymes

The boring progression, of the human race.

Its gone past twelve, and my minds still ticking
Things on my mind, guess that im, kinda trippin
Things i wanna do, that dont suit my lifestyle
These things that ive wanted, for such a long while
Its down to me, and motivation,
Its complicated, and devestating
Im pretty useless, to say the least,
cant motivate my-self, to brush my teeth
Never mind learn something, thats so hard
Its either all the way, or dont even start
But i will reach, what im aiming after
Even if, it ends up in laughter
Time to sleep now, this chapters done
Work in the morning, that should be fun
I look forward to it, like a punch in the face
The boring progression, of the human race.

2 replies on “The boring progression, of the human race.”

Sometimes i feel its easyer, to express myself in rhymes.
Dont get to worried like, i do it all the time.
I find it easy to make words sound, like they fit together nicely
I find it helps my blog just be that little extra spicy 🙂

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