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I was working saturday daytime, and inbetween patrols and shit i managed to get 90% of the amen corner site done. Im very pleased with it, and with myself. Im gonna show it him tomorra and hope for the best! IM also gonna try and tart up karls site that i have done for him. Then if i can get them two done, i only have the ghettro one outstanding.

Im not taking on any more total build jobbys again for a while, and definatly never 3 at the same time – whilst trying to upgrade maxxd. Ill be glad when ive done them all, i will be abel to sleep easy!

I havent had chance to see helen much this weekend, but shes coming round tomorrow evening. Im looking forward to it as ive been thinking about her a lot. As human beings we need company from the opposite sex – and especially people from the opposite that you like a hell of a lot. 🙂

Lsom went pretty well to say the football had been on. I think we need to pull some strings for the next one tho, and make it MASSIVE!

Sleep now, ttfn.

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