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Not enough hours..

I need to do something about my dramatic mood swings. I cant wait to have a stress free life as that will iron out most of them. I just seem to have people asking/requesting stuff from me all day. Im supposed to be a digital printer and designer at mmx3, but instead im a full time admin, and a part time mmx3 worker. And to be fair its pissing me off. I need longer days, or i need to work like 4 days a week or something. There isnt enough hours in the day for what i need to do. Or is the problem that i take on too much at once?

I try and burn the candle at both ends, and work loads and play loads. I cant remember the last time i had a nice relaxed night to myself. I always end up on my computer answering requests from the many people that seem to request stuff. Like dave bless him, hes trying to do various things on the internet and not gettting that far with many of them. Now hes MORE than capable of learning, but trys to rush and do too much at once – my theory is start from the bottom up, and take your time with it. Rushing doenst do anyone favors – plus rushing stresses you out, well it does me anyway. Even when im rushing to put my socks on i lose my temper 😀

Im gonna spend half a hour on the websites im making. See if i can get something up that looks half decent to show people. P.s. stace and mush, your tops have been taken back to PnP to be sorted 🙂

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🙁 i feel bad for leaving you with all the tech side of maxxd so suddenly specially with dave going 2!

Been meaning to catch you online but things been a bit hectic… Check the blog!

The net cafe i went to today was shit aswell!

Anyway.. Keep on going and you’ll get there! If not and you can somehow figure out how to tie a few loose ends up. Just leave! There are so many brits doing it in pafos and the moding scene is bigger than in mansfield here!

All about integra type r’s!

Wow, thanks for the update pal! 🙂 Glad to hear your ok, and dont worry about leaving.. the server is my responcibility you were just generous enough to help me a LOT! lol.. danny is helping me with stuff, hes making me a client management system and stuff.

Anyway, big up yourself! 🙂

Im gonna read your blog now! 🙂

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