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The Omen

I went to the odean cinema tongiht, to watch the remake of the omen – i went with the lovely helen (more on that later..)

The film itsself is really good. It uses the original story, and adapts it well for the modern day. For example they refer to the twin towers incidents in it, as being signs as told in the bible – or summat like that.
Anyway, there are loads of bits that are identical to the original, the bit where the chick hangs herself seemed a bit cheesy by todays standards, but they got away with it as it was a clear reference to the original. There are a few scenes in it that REALLY make you jump – i think helen had her face covered for a fifth of it πŸ™‚ (i did for some of it too!!)

Out of ten, id give it a 7.5.

Now, the date itself went well, it helps that we know each other well, and it didnt feel uncomfortable for even the slightest minute when we were talking. Without trying to sound harsh, its nice to actually be able to go out with a girl and hold a decent conversation with her. And i dont know if its the time apart has done this, but we seem to have a lot in common which is good for’t conversations πŸ™‚
It feels good to revisit a part of my life that felt so unfinished. And i will definatly be seeing her again.

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Might see if ste wants to go and watch this, we don’t get to the cinema that much, but for big films it’s always best to watch them on the big screen, adds to the atmosphere.

Glad to hear the date went well, have you set another date or have you got to ring her ?


ive said that if we had watched that film on dvd it would of been crap.

You need the surround sound, huge screen and total darkness!!!

We havent set anything in stone yet, but if im free at the weekend we mgiht be going out πŸ™‚

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