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Ok, i cant stay away..

Haha, although i said i wasnt gonna post again today – or even until i was interesting again but fuck it. Im sat at work now, waiting for the clock to tick past about 17:10 so i can do one. My boss and craig are both out, so i could go at any time really. But before 5 is pushing it πŸ™‚

I was quite taken back when a friend of mine said that she reads my blog regulary. I think her partner does too, and it got me thinking, how many people do visit my blog?

I would say only about 4 or 5 people. There cant be that many more. If your reading this and your not ol$tar., please leave a comment so that i know your out there. I guess i kinda forget people will read this stuff, which is probably just as well – because otherwise id chicken out of writing anything down!

I have changed my blog theme, as now i have a shoutbox πŸ™‚ woo.. But i think ill change it again soon, as this one is not really what im after. I just wanted a shoutbox for a bit πŸ™‚

Ive been looking at wholesale items again today – and i have re-hooked up with a guy who is now selling some realllly nice trainers. Before he was selling crap – but it looks like his supliers have improved dramatically.

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As I said yesterday, I read your blog every morning, but why some times when i try to log on it comes up page not found. hate it.

You can’t give up blogging, it’s the only thing that gets me through work. Thank god i’m on 5 finishs this week.

Still read your blog mate, read waordo’s too. it kind of helps me make up for not being able to come into mansfield enough and not see you as much as I used to which sucks, still keep up on this though, it’s more reliable than third hand maxxd gossip bollocks πŸ™‚

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