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Ive kinda hit another patch..

Where i feel im not interesting enough to blog about. So, unless something amazing crops up (obviously after this post) im gonna leave it a few days. I need to get back into working weekends, as much as possible. As i have got to start saving money up pronto! Ive nearly reached my first thousand, and i want there to be another one in there by the end of the year.

Im going out on a date tongiht, im really looking forward to it. Im kinda worried – i dont know why – i guess im just really scared of hurting someone again. If i start getting into theis relationship too much then when it comes to the day i want to leave and go travveling imm gonna have to go thru all that heartache again – and im gonna fuck somebody up. And i dont want to do that, especially not to helen.

She claims that she doesnt want anythign heavey, and i guess that fine by me. But i dont no wether or not shes saying that to get her foot in the door. I really do like her, and if she haddnt of ended the relationship between us all those years ago – who knows i might still be going out with her.

I guess time will tell.

Right, ill update my blog when i become interesting again.

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