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It gotta be the hottest day…

TODAY! My GOSH its hot. I cant do anything without sweating. Im sat here writing this, and sweating! In my greenhouse, sorry, i mean office i had 3 fans trying to circulate the air around to make it reasonably chilled. And it failed, miserably. Like usual!

I had a slight bit of a blonde moment earlyer, but only becasue I kinda havent paid much – if any – thought to the situation before. Anyway.. I was chatting to my good buddy in australia (daniel) and i was saying how hot it was here. He replied with “i wish it was hot here too!” Now when your mate in australia complains how cold it is it starts to ponder on the mind slightly.. why is it cold in australia? Well, its becasue its winter. it never occured to me that they have their seasons opposite to us. So yeah, Madds and wiggy thought it was funny, but i mean its not like they know everything is it?

Maxxd meeting up portland again tongiht. Untill we get evicted. I really should see if we can get permission to use it for the charity LSOM’s, then we can try and get a mag down, and make it MASSIVE!

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