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Prison Broke!

Yes, last night the team in prison break actually broke out of the prison. It was a brilliant episode, but it ended shit – so im gonna try and find the first episode of the next series so i can see where it picks up from. I was really dissapointed it ended so quickly actually. Its been sucha  grat storey line tho, it must of taken ages to wirte.

Im sat here at work, and im absalutly nackered. Im still as tired as i was yesterday, and ive had another ngihts sleep! I have two websites i need to finish this week as well, and im still at very early stages with both of them. I need to get one of them up and pretty kuch finished by the end of the week, and the other one needs to have something up so that the chap can see how ive progressed.

In other news, im venturing back into a part of my life that has never been finished off. I went out with a girl a few years ago, and she was great. She’s older than me, shes clever, shes funny – and it was her that ended our relationship all those years ago. A while after it happened, probably a year or so actually i actually realised why she split up with me, and it was becasue i was still quite immature, i was stubbern and i was a bastard at times. I have matured a load in the last year or so and she has spotted this and according to her shes wanted me back for a while. Now she knows i want to travel, and she understands how important it is to me. I need to keep it in the back of my mind and not lose sight of what i want like i did last time.

Were going out on a date thursday, i hope it all go’s well 🙂

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