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Nationals. Wow.

Ok, so we didnt win any awards. No best club stand, no best car of show. Nothing. But the show still fucking kicked ass! From start to finish there was laughs, tricks and general fun. There wqere one or two down moments, but they were nothing comparted to the complete randomness that happened.

Ill break it down for you so you can see how it all took place.

Friday. We set off and went thru my little schedulem below down to the last minute, we were runing like clockwork, and managed to get to the convoy point in plenty of time. We set off on one of ollies (random) journeys, heading thru melton mobrey and SERIOUSLY clogging it up.. there were camera phones all over the place – they didnt know what hit them!

We finally got to the camp site, and drinking etc started straight away. We took the cars round to the stand about 2/3pm and then got back to the camp site for some hardcoreness.

The night got messier and messier, and i got to know some of my maxxd buddies a whole heap better! Including wardo, who was THE MAN all weekend!! I think the first night was a good night, but i crashed about 12/1ish as i was starting to get real tired.

I was rudely awoken by loud sterios and revving engines, but couldnt be arsed to move as it felt like it was cold outside and i was really warm in bed. It turned out to be gorgeous outside, clear skies, hot sun and nothing to do all day but sit and get sunburnt! wooo!

The day dragged on, i blared scotts stereo out all day – he’d of been proud! And the night started approaching. We locked the cars up and headed back to the campsite. This is where the ngiht started gettin real interesting. Me wardo and mase and a few others i cant remem,ber who stayed up all night visiting peoples campsites, judging fires, following flashing lights, putting camp beds on low-loaders and lifting them vertical with people trying to sleep on them (ahahah).

We even did some parkour on the steps leading down from the showground, it was ace. I have many many photos from the event ill link to them at the end of the entry.

The sunday was a lot steadier. Everyone was really ruff after the night before, and it was really starting to show. A few cars that were with us the day before went home, why? I dont know. The amount of half dressed SEXY women at that show meant if any males left before we were kicked out then they must of been GAY.

The sundays antics also included the Fuel guys getting booted off the show for holding “an illegal rave” right next to our campsite. It was mad, the security and fuel staff started fighting and everyhting! I managed to get a few pics of the securty surrounding the fuel stand and a quick snap of the kermotion that was happeneing when fists were thrown.

All in all it was madness from start to finish.

Ill end it with a few random sentances that will be very meaningfull to anyone reading this that went to nationals.

Wall to Wall SHIT!

Source/Maxxd Vodka Champion

Jailbird Gaz

Maxxd Illegal Rave Dance Floor Massive

Low Loader Crew!!!!!

Hahaha, mint..

heres some pics -  the last nationals pic on there was the cheese company one.

heres some more pics

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