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Nearly Nationals!

The Modified Nationals 2006 is nearly upon us. I have just transferred enough money into my account to cover me for the whole weekend, plus more. I have my party tackle, my 2 second tent, and a whole heap of other shit. And this blog entry gives me a ideal oppertunity to plan my morning.

7:00 wake up
7:10 drive to scotts
7:30 arrive at scotts
7:45 leave for mansfieild with dave
8:15 arrive back home + load up car
8:45 go to coop and buy food
9:30 go to mini marquees, give maddsy money, and collect things
9:50 go to convoy point
10:15 arrive at convoy point
10:30 set off for nationals!

A busy morning, so im gonna wrap this up. I hope this weekend is as good as the first ones 🙂

Peace out.

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