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Long Weekend Again V2

Yes, one of the remaining bank holiday weekends for this year has passed. Only one more oppertunity to have two sunday dinners in a row. Its so unfair, why cant every other weekend be a bank holiday. Im sure there wouldnt be a (sane) sole in the country who would disagree with me.

Managed to get a new steering coloum on the clio, but in the process of doing that we broke the key, which left us unable to remove the ignition barrel from the old coloum, and put it in the new one. My wonderful father is off tomorrow to get me a key cut. God damm that guy rocks! 🙂 The sunroof i bought was way too small, its not even the same shape – so im gonna ring them up and tell them it was wrong tomorrow – as its in the boot of my clio which is immobilized at scotts house. So i should be able to get that on wednesday, which means i might not make it to the wednesday meet, but i have to as i gotta collect clothes. Which reminds me, i must get myself something made up!

I have a busy week leading up to the nationals, i just hope i dont have any problems in sorting everything i need out for the trip.

I should sleep now, i got to walk to work tomorrow and im really no good at waking up in the mornings.

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