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Project Dirty Dogg Clio

Right, were doing it in the clio. I think gonna be me and scott (sorry dave, al3x and ko) cos we need to think about weight in the car etc.. We have a little plan that might help us win one of the higher prizes. I bought a steering coloumn and a sunroof yesterday and scott is gonna fit them tomorrow πŸ™‚ then all we need to do is give it a MAD service so that its running well and get it stickered up!

I might look for a few sponsers, to help with paying for the modifications needed on the clio. Its perfect tho, cos its fast and i really dont care for it much so im not really that bothered if it dies πŸ˜€

Going to my mums in a sec for dinner and then its LSOM time.. Ace. πŸ™‚

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