YOU WON! – SCAM – Lotto Sizzler International Annual Promotional Draw Word Attachment Scam

Had so many fun things through on my email recently, Its like they want to be published ahah 🙂

siz loto scammer

It seems the current trend is to keep the email basic so as to not trip the spam filters, but then whack a document or followup email with the meaty goodness in – this is what the email attachment said;

From: Ms. Patricia Atkins
Canada- Lotto Sizzler International Annual Promotional Draw
1550 Princess Street
Kingston. ON. Canada. KTM 9E3
Attention: Customer AFRSABBO
Ticket Number: B95647-5804545100
Ref: EAAL/851OYHI/05
Batch No. Lotto 6/49

Wow that is a lot of initial mumbo jumbo, maybe this is finally a real one??!?

Congratulations to you as we bring to your notice, the results of the First Category draws of E-MAIL LOTTERY organized by the Canadian and South Africa Governments. in conjunction with Lotto Sizzler international Annual Promotional Draw.

Umm, what? That all just reads terribly and has far too many people/things involved for my liking… something smells fishy!

We are happy to inform you that your valid e-mail address attached to Ticket Number B9564 75604545 100 with Serial Number S/N-00168, drew the Winning Numbers: 12 13 21 26 41, with hot ball #3, Have emerged a winner of a total sum of US$920,000.00 (Nine Hundred and Twenty thousand United States Dollars) in cash credited to file MSW-l/9080118308/05. this is from a total cash prize of US $11.100,000.00 Million dollars. shared amongst the first One Hundred and-ten (110) lucky winners in this category Worldwide.

POW, all the numbers! Trying to blow me over with big official looking reference numbers and large amounts of money. If you actually read it though its a mish mash of crap that doesn’t even make sense.

Our Africa agent will immediately commence the process to facilitate the release of your funds as soon as you contact our Agent’s office. All participants were selected randomly from World Wide Web site through computer draws system and extracted from over 10,000.00 companies and personal e-malls.

I wish they would get someone to proofread these things first, they may stand half a chance then! “Computer draws system” eh?

For security reasons. you are advised to keep your winning information confidential till your claims is processed and your money remitted to you in whatever manner you deem fit to claim your prize.

Again, a proofreader would go a long way here.

This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by unscrupulous elements.

Oh of course – I should have this opportunity only as I entered the lottery they’re talking about… oh hang on… no.. no I didnt haha

To file for your claim, please fill the form below and send it to our corresponding payment agent in South Africa who will handle your winnings processing for quick and urgent release of your fund to you.

Contact information ls as follows:

Representative Head office in Africa
Address: 28 Rivonia Road, Johannesburg South Attica

Contact Person: Mr. Kevin Victor
Tel: -i-27719923208
Contact E-mall:

[Name & Address fields for you to fill out]

Looks reet official, that! You’re telling me that an official, international lottery fund is being managed by someone with as an email address? Are you for real? Hahaha

Congratulations once again! From the Staffs & Members of the Canadian Lottery Board Commission

Yours Sincerely,
Ms. Patricia Atkins (Sec. Zonal Co-coordinator.)

Thanks, Patricia – you’re so generous haha

NOTE: to confirm that you have the correct winning numbers for the Wed, 2/11/2015, do confirm under,

I visited the URL (it seems to be safe) but it is some spoofy lottery page, the main URL looks to be an actual lottery website so im wondering if they’ve been hacked.

I have forwarded the email onto them.

All in all, fairly standard stuff – I have emailed the person back to see what their reply is, and will update the post if they get back to me.

419 lottery scam

The email referenced in the attachment bounced unfortunately 🙁


Looks like their account has been deleted or it was listed in the attachment incorrectly.

I’ll keep you all posted 🙂

Remember peeps, If it looks too good to be true, it will be.

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Hi Raha,

Not as of yet – the email they reference in the scam actually bounced;

“Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:

Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].

The error that the other server returned was: 511 sorry, no mailbox here by that name (#5.1.1 – chkuser)


Although I have since sent a reply to the original sender hoping they get back to me soon 🙂

Will update the blog if they do 🙂

Olly I dunno tbh cause when I saw the email I received it had copyright to the lotto sizzler and all its rights reserved so whoever sent it could be tracked and taken to court under false copyright claim. But it hasn’t been tracked so I dunno weather it’s real or not

Hi guys, I’ve received same email from them. Different names, but same all around. They wanted to assign a South African lawyer for me to receive my funds unless I can make to south Africa within 10 days lol. I told them to provide with the address so I can pick it up myself and they provided me with this address to go to: 114A Charles Crescent, Eastgate​​​​​​​ GAUTENG, South Africa

I’m bored today, so I opened suspiciously looking email in my inbox that titled ‘You’ and contains ‘have won’ (how did they now I have some remaining wons from my trip to Korea? lol)

It looks exactly like your email.
I hope none fall from this scam 😀

I also received a similar letter saying that i have won the Canadian sizzler lottery. It’s so obviously a scam, but they get you to at least reply just in case you have actually won $840000.00! I don’t know how some people believe that you have to pay a fee to claim your prize
butLooking around on other sites warning of this scam people have fallen for it, and lost the money paid for the fee.
DO NOT GIVE THEM ANYTHING! You will not get a penny let alone $840000.00.
Good website olly, people need to know

I got one too but yhe email address works for me I have sent tjem a message asking if it was for real and they responded “you have” but if you look close at tje number they give there are too many numbers and the address has no zip code.

I recived same kinda email…when I checked the site given it looks real
..but one thing I dont grasp is that canadian south african that’s sounds like crap….it sounds like scam to me…n the email defintly bounced….

i also recived the e maile from sizzler lotto i won lottery bt i cannt understand some body guide me about it this is true ya no

I also received that email, me and my collague we were dancing thinking money cash,december…………boss..when I call no respond fuck

Just read my email couple of hours announcing that I won some good cash from a randomly select email n am wondering how…….that’s how I turned FBI n started searching to get to see the authenticity of the mail! Scam big time! I should definitely respond with ‘ you have lost’….. That’s guys for the first hand information about this

I’ve also received an email, properly written and tells me that my email has won a big chunk, the numbers are real and the website seems to be properly maintained. I’ve also sent them email that didn’t bounce back. I also checked it on International Lottery Association and it seems to be a member…
What to do now?

I’ve also received an email saying have won US$100 000 them and it seems as true.They sent me a remmittance form of FNB(FIRST NATIONAL BANK) of South Africa.Form filled
including my drivers licence
scanned and emailed to them .
Than asking me to send $549. for affidafit/remmitance for release of payment. What a fuck am I going to pay again.

for the release of my bucks.

Than asking me to send $549. for aff

Hello my Name is Idris Siddiqui, I have received a similar email as you guys have received, informing me that I have won USD 1,000,000.00 they are just trying to fool the people. Pls. ignore the message.

Please guys we need to do something about these fuckers as they’re playing with people’s emotions… I got one too!!
There’s people out there who will fall for it!!!

it’s hurting poeple and their emotions bt what can do? they gave me the same that I ve won, the thing is someone should check out this e-mail fisrt, so I think we should start from the powerball lottery ok

Please you can answer me ,is it true?because I have received the same message ,they asked me to go to South Africa I told them that I can’t they asked me to make a lawyer and they suggested one .So is what next is it real?please please answer

Hi Olly. Something that people appear to be missing about this. If they are so concerned about security, why are they giving me the information they are asking for? They have put it at the top of the page, then they want me to write it down at the bottom! Why, can’t they read typed text? It is so full of holes.

Hi Olly. I was going to post a warning of my own on this. But you have done it for me. Good for you. One point to make VERY clear to people. THIS IS A SCAM. The original Email is harmless in it’s self. There is no danger in it, AS LONG AS YOU DON’T BELIEVE IT. A multi million Dollar Company gives a mobile phone number as the ONLY contact number. Are they so poor that they can’t afford an office phone? Also, I have lived in Jo’burg, 28 Rivonia Road’s zip/post code is 2031. Why don’t they know that?

Hi Sajjad. They already have your gmail, they have used it to send the message in the first place. But you are right, DON’T give them your phone number!! If you are tempted to reply, just say you are not on the phone.

I have recieve the same mail.i am from Suriname, why special somebody in Africa.A mostly we know that the most scams are adressed in Africa.People don’t fall for it please.To get my money the ask me $456, that is BS.

Hi. guess what? I got one as well. For the draw on the 24/08/2016. Great, I have WON $920,000 yippee. From a total cash prize of $11,100,000.00 million Dollars. So Dollars at the front of the number and at back! Just how much is that anyway? Are they saying $11.1 million million? WOW thats a lot of wonga. Why is my share out of 110 so small? What a load of bollocks. Their English is improving. But I would expect better from Canada!

This look’s like I am replying to my self! But I felt it important enough. I have tracked the ‘You have WON’ back to the source. It all comes from Nigeria. They have hacked official sights to do it. But they are not as good as me. DON’T BELIEVE A WORD OF IT. It is a SCAM, they will ask you for charges and fees to get you money. Tell them to FUCK OFF from me.

I wonder how tempted they would be if they knew just how much money I have? Would they give me their Bank details, just so that I could pay the ‘charges and fees’ by SWIFT. Would they give me their detail’s and take the risk? Of course they won’t. All scamers give you the least possible amount of information about them selves. But they want to know all about you. Don’t fall for it.

Saya juga mendapatkan undian lottre USD 920,000.00. Wooooooow……FANTASTIS..FANTASTIS NILAINYA , mendadak kaya oeee……akhirnya aku abaikan saja. Itu mustahil bro.

just received the email too and i was like wow that’s a lot of money 920,000.00
waiting to lick my fingers!

From what I read so far it’s obviously a scum. I just wonder what a threat they could be if one gave them personal details, meaning phone number, ID number, physical address? Enlighten me, you good people!

I have also received same mail , marking it s very urgent. US$ 1,000,000.00 dollars in the annual Canadian-Hot Sizzler Lottery Online Lucky Program. Is it real???

Hi Olly!
i just received an email, and they said
“To claim your winning price fill the form to enable us verify your winning numbers from the system” with an attachment
they ask me to fill the form to enable US confirm my winning.

Oily funks soooo much i recieved the same email three days ago and i fell for it and hv given dem the required info dey need to release my bucks . i was blinded by e numbers now i see the light i fink I’ll play along and if im asked to pay anytyn,I’ll tell dem to take it out of my money and send me the rest. im really grateful to you for opeaning my eyes.


Received mine, just need to contact the “afro” representative in order to redeem my share. Or this guy just hacked all your winnings by you typing in your email to comment.

This is frustrating ! I am from Yemen and you don’t need to imagine how thrilled I was when I received YOU WON email this morning ,I would have been thrilled and happy even if it was 50$ , seriously they don’t have to mess with emotions I have been day-dreaming for two hours ,damn!
The problem is that this scum is already few years since it started yet when I send them on gmail asking they replied immediately !someone should do something to stop them !

hi i received the email address 0n the 12/4/2017 that i have won the sum of 175.000 dollars by my email address this scam people are very funny i am in U.A.E

Que pena, pensé que ya era rica, ajjaj gracias le doy a Dios que la felicidad no tiene nada que ver con el dinero, porque de ser así abría buscado a esos hijos de su mama que al parecer no tienen nada mejor que hacer con su vida. lol

I believe that as they have not fallen many continue with these emails to me I arrive just this week and they ask me to deposit the lawyer that according to me will represent $ 1,320 dollars, apparently the fee is increasing

hahahah i got this too its so clear they are scammer ! who the hell someone have to give millions and used free email service ( XD #logic

be save dont believe this crap

I got a similar email, different names (Karen Atkins and Alex Victor) so I searched the internet to see if it is legit. I am glad I did, because I found this message with all of your replies. I definitely won’t be sending them information now!

Lol… I received this email just last week Friday. I called on Friday and there was no answer, called on Saturday a man picked and said I should call on Monday which is today lol ? and when I called today he says my country Ghana and the whole “west African” region is not part of the promotion ?…ridiculous.. Lol when the document said Africa. Lame scam. He should have at least asked me for ? money ? . Lame ass


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