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Today really is wednesday!

Woo! Its my second wednesday of the week, and i feel pretty good today. I have been worrying that our new canopy for wouldnt be finished in time, but criag has actually put it on the worksheets – and as long as i got it pressed, it will be made up the DAY b4 i go next week!!

Ive just this minute finished printing it, i have to re-print one roof panel as there is some fading on it, then its sorted! Its gonna look so cool when its up.

I forget how much retarded spelling mistakes piss me off. A girl on maxxd has just commented on how she “brought” a corsa. A quick visit to backed up the differneces between brought and bought, and i pointed it out to ehr i her post. Ill probably be grilled for it, but i couldnt give a flying fuck. Its ONE extra letter that isnt required, and it changes the meaning of the word completly! I am aware i make shit load of spelling mistakes, but mine are due to me typing too fast, and not checking back thru things properly.

Hahaha, i have just been on dannys site. Im not going to give him the benifit of linking to it, as more people probably view this than they do go on his site. Anyway, there is some bullshit phrase scrolling across the top, and it reads something like

“one day a man had an idea, it was about a new breed, you could say this rebel breed, where people didnt fight and fuss…”

Ahahahaha, so this is your tag line is it danny? So why are you taking someone to court who you have known for a good 10, 15 years? Why did you decide to bestow this 1500 debt upon people you considered your friends? Because sy and dave both deny ordering that amount, so who did set the final figure in stone? I belive it was you danny – if you had been honest, or not being stupid and ordered that amount, then none of this would of happened.

Im kinda pissed off at the mo. Daves leaving to go down and live with his dad, and he keeps going on about this and that and whats he’s gonna do for maxxd when hes down there etc. I dunno, i have a feeling there will be no dave after a while. Simply because ive got a feeling he’s gonnahve a milion oppertunitys thrown at him , and i know dave. He wont turn one of them down. So maxxd will sink further and further back in his mind. I mean, untill he quit at phones4u he hardly had any time to spare for maxxd, whats it gonna be like when he’s at least 100 miles away? I should be happy – but im not.

Djb is leaving too, which means no PHP help. I really need to learn it, so im gonna go away now and do just that.

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