3 months later..

And im still cut up about nic. I heard once it takes half as long as the length of your relationship to fully get over someone. And im thinkin thats probably true.

I text her today cos i owe her some money, and we chatted for a bit. She seems ok, said she is close to someone she went to school with, whcih is good. I was afraid she might of gotten back into her old ways – but it sounds like she hasnt which is great. Although it wouldnt be hard for her to hold back a few truths from me. After all, what reasons has she got for being truthful with me?

Im officially never going after a girl again. If they want me then they can do the chasing, as i just cant be doing with it. I dont want to get involved with someone and then fuck myself up when we break up. But on the flip side i really want someone to talk to, and share those moments with that can only be shared with someone you feel 100% comfortable with.


4 thoughts on “3 months later..

  • Err, no. Im not chasing after another woman tho. If they want me they can do the chasing..

    And im not gettin in a long term relationship unless i find sum1 who is perfectly matched to me..

  • 7 months nearly now, since me and Laura split up. I still miss her like crazy. I dont get as upset anymore, but its still there. I agree totally with the saying. That ,means ive got another 11 months before im fully over her.

    Shes got a new bloke and all that and it fucking hurts badly. Im dreading bumping into them in town!

    But like you, im not rusing into anything again. I tried it, but it didnt work.
    However, I have now found myself proper fancying the ass off a lass from Chezzy. Shes fit, and we get along like a house on fire! But im not sure what to do about it.

    Meh. See what happens. Like you say, im not chasing anymore. Im enjoying the time out!

  • Let things happen rather than make things happen.. Better all round then 🙂 I dont want to get into another relationship as when i travel i dont want to travel with a aprtner..

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