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What day is it?

Today, most of the day, i have thought it was wednesday.

Its been quite bizarre, becasue i thought it really was wednesday – and because i thought it was wednesday for so long, when i had been informed it was tuesday i kept forgetting i had been told, and still thought it was wednesday.

I was pretty gutted it wasnt wednesday too, as its the day i go out with scott in the evening in the car. I miss going out in my car and socialising with my buddys. Back in the portland days we were out all the time, every night without fail.

I wonder if things will ever be like that again? I like the show season, as that tends to bring the group a lot closer. I dont want people who are part of – not feeling part of, so we are gonna try and lay the camp site out at nationals so people dont feel left out or excluded. I know we cant make people like others, and we certiainly cant tell people who to be friends with – but we can help people get to know each other and eventually they will know each other and the community grows closer.

I guess we have quite a lot of responcibility, and quite a lot of power in the sence we can influence peoples desisions and help them make the right choices in life. By providing we provide something for people to “do” – and when newbies join saying they are gonna buy this and that we can remind them of the dangers of finance, and warn them about certain companies and products that in buying them/their serivices, would result in their money being wasted.

I just wish had existed when i was thinking of getting loans 😀

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