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Worst Headache Of My Life

I had forgotten about this, until i started to get another headache about 5 mins ago. I had a headache developing most of the day yesterday, it started off only bothering me when i ran, or increased my heart rate a bit.

Then after i had been for a steak with my dad after visiting decalthlon, i got home and it started to get worse.. By bed time i could barely see.

I layed in bed and i was in agony, i couldnt turn a light on, i couldnt lay down, it felt like the pressure was building and building and building.. Like my head was gonna pop!

I went downstairs to try and find some tablets, with my eyes hardly open, feeling my way down as i couldnt bear the light. I found a pot of paracetamols and pretty mcuh necked 4 of them at once. At that point, i really didnt care what bad affects it had on me (taking 4 at once) i just couldnt bear the pain anymore.

The next thing i know i woke up – it was morning – and didnt have a headache.

I hope i never have one like that ever again! 🙁

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Dude, I think you suffer from migraines

I have them from time to time.

Google it I’m sure that’s what it is.

Ibuprofen usually does the trick for me 🙂

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