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Ants & the A-Team

Ok, i got home after fetching 3 2-second tents from Decathlon, and i opened my ant farm up straight away. I was very keen to see what happened when i put some ants in it. So i set off into my garden armed with a bit of paper, and a tub to put ants in.

Well! Ive never known anything be so difficult! Ants do NOT like being caught. And even when u do catch them they run about so fast they escape from even the tallest jars. Eventually i managed to get three in. Yes, only three. And for about the first hour they just tried to escape – one actually managing it, but got picked up by a bit of card and thrown out my window.

I plugged the hoes in teh top so that they cant escape. There is enough air in the top bit for them to breath for today. Just as i was about to go to sleep last night they had gone down one of the holes i had made for them and had started digging. I think because there is only two its making it difficult for them, so ill try and kidnap more later. I had a bizarre daydream about them coming to rescue these two i have already, and me waking up with a room full of ants and the ant farm on the floor with the lid opened. Ahaha, sweet.

Ill add a few more in later, i will see if i can find about 10 – but its harder than it seems getting them in and getting them to stay in!

Did you watch that bring back the A team programme? Wow. David said he wasnt lookin forward to it on his blog, But i totally am! I loved the A team, and if i am being perfectly honest i really didnt think the chap would be as successful as he was. He mainly wanted the juicy details from the remaining members, the truth behind Mr T and Hannabal’s arguments, and why the the number 1 80’s show was brought to an end. He got it, and he got a lot more along the way.

If its repeated anytime, its deffo worth a watch to see the charectors again, murdock hasnt changed, and is as crazy as he was back then. Face looks like hes taken lot of drugs and had a lot of face lifts haha. And mr t, well, B.A hasnt changed one bit, except hes battled cancer, and found god. He still talks the same tho, and is still a total legend.

Im supposed to be going to skeg this saturday, and working on the sunday but i dont no whats happening now. I have got like 2 websites to build too. I should really crack on with them..

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