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Yes, the typo in the title was deliberate. As i have nearly had parcelforce lose me my ant farm!

I was at work yesterday, and i was trying to track my parcel – using their online tracking system. But it kept reading that the parcel had been delivered. Well, it haddnt as i didnt have it. So i started ringing round, seeing if parcelforce knew where my parcel was.

The guy on the phone claimed that the driver thought it had said number 6, and number 6 had been out at the time. So the parcel was at brown av post office, and he had put a card thru the door of number 6.

Well thats no fucking use to me is it!

I went to number 6, no card. What? So now i was in a position where all i had was the consignment number and my id, no card. Luckily for me while i was out someone popped round with the card. The husband of the house had seen it and moved it, and i had spoken to the woman of the house you see.

This means i get my ant farm later! I think im actually gonna send off for some peoper harvester ants as woodhouse ants will just try and steal stuff out my room.

How the hell will they post me ants tho?

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I hate all Parcel delivery companys.

Ever since it took them 3 attempts to deliver an amp to my house.

1st, they couldnt find the house, so gave up. (I live on a main road)

2nd, They wouldnt leave it with my parents as it needed MY signature.

3rd, They specified a time, didnt turn up, I went to work, and they came 3 hours later.

Got it later that day after ringing them up and ‘having words’. Tossers.


THere is one company, i forget which one it is. But if your out when they delivery it you have to go to theri dept in notts to fetch it!

Ive had to go as far as SHEFFIELD to fetch thigns from depots before.. IN fact my sub box was in a dept in sheff, i fetched it in my MK3 golf when it was standard ๐Ÿ™‚

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