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I guess..

I guess that instead of moaning about what im not doing, i should be concentrating on what i am doing, or what im going to do. I have 2 or 3 years to acheive as much as i can possibly acheive. I am gonna buy and sell trainers, work all hours god sends and save lots of money. I am even considering writing and recording a few tracks, ad putting them on my myspace account. Im probably really wack but its just something i have always wanted to do.

I need to do everything i want to to in england in the next few years, i best make a list.

1) Be successful in a business venture and make good money

2) visit scotland ireland and wales

3) go to lands end

4) get my photo in a large newspaper

5) be praised for some form of work, either music or art – by an audience

6) have a cup of tea with queeny

7) get on TV supporting a worthy cause..

I recon thats about it for now. Im sure there is many more things i gotta do before i travel. ill add them as i think of them.

Im sneakely printing out flags today – oh, scrap that, ive just been busted. Ahaha.

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