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Not fair!!

Ok, i have been on about travelling for ages now, and i really want to go. Today djb pipes up him and nole and going to greece to work for a few months.. and dave is going to move down with his dad, and then move over to america in a year or two.


Everyones doing what they want to do except me. All i ask is to win 10 grand on the lottery. Id be off then! I know ill get there eventually, but how long is “eventually” ? I hope it isnt too long. – If only i had no debt πŸ™
I guess when they have come back to settle into theri 9 to 5’s again, i will be off on my travels. And whereas both of them plan to come back to the UK, i dont. Well, i dont think i want to come back. I guess i wont know until im out there.

It makes me sad knowing im YEARS away from acheiving my dream. πŸ™

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Yeah it sucks when stuff like this happens. BUT…When the time comes though mate, it will be amazing.

And you NEVER know whats going to happen between now and then!

mate, u’ll get there πŸ™‚

and when you do like you say your not coming back! Fairly sure i coming back, unless i find a job in America, but rekon i’ll miss everyone too much tbh.

Just gotta take the chance when it presents itself!

Its wrong and means you may never be able to come back properly, but fuck the debts in the UK, if your in another country they can’t do nowt!!

So many places shouting for people to do work in sunny places as well

Just pick up your bags and go! get a job and the debts in the UK will vanish into a memory!

I don’t know the ins and outs of your debt.. but its what someone i know is doing πŸ˜‰

**reply to daves**

i thought about that dude, but when/if i come back i wouldnt want to face getting into serious shit – or even worse, put my mom or dad in trouble as they are my next of kin’s.

The thought has crossed my mind tho!!!

And good luck to you in what ever you end up doing dude! You’ll do far! Keep in touch!!

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