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Monday – lovely!

I sat there last night before i went to bed, and i was gonna write a blog entry. But i could not for the life of me think of enough shit to talk about. So i didnt bother. As i had lots of sleep on sunday morning, i struggled to get to sleep – then only to wake about half 7 and lay awake for a hour as i was restless.

There has been quite a few discussions that have caught my attention today on One of which is about Building Number 7  – of the world trade complex. I hadnt really given it much thought to be honest, and until today i didnt even know building number 7 had come down. This myspace account kept me hooked on its detailed controversial information about how they think that the trade center buildings were brought down in a series of controlled explosions – but timed to perfection to make it look like suicide bombers who had hyjacked a plane with the intentions of flying it into the towers – caused this modern day disaster.

I think most of the evidence is pretty sketchy, apart from that of “Building number 7” – I think the .gov have shot themselves in the foot with that one! If they had left that one building, none of this speculation would of arised!

Where will it end though? They cant CSI the crime scence, as its been cleared away. They cant interview anyone on any of the planes, they cant ask anyone who was high up in the building. Will the truth ever be proven??

Was this just the biggest insurance job in history?

And when does your heart repair itself after you broke it? 🙁

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