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Pet Hate

If theres one thing that used to annoy me when i was in a relationship, and in fact it annoys me throughout my life – its when people presume. Nic used to presume i wanted food when i got home for example, when i didnt, and today my ride home informed me that i was to be picked up at 6:30am sunday morning for a 12 hour shift. They presumed i would do it so booked me in. I got straight on the blower as i specifically said i could not work on the sunday as i was getting parts for my car from the scrap yard with my father.

I have just got a voice mail – they managed to cover it with someone else. Its great when you go direct to the top of the company’s ladder and ring the director. He backed me up as he remembered me saying i couldnt do it.

I thought i had blagged internet all day today. The site i was at has computers and a network n stuff. I tried plugging my laptop into their network but they had some sort of firewall in place. When i did a tracert it found the first hop then was stopped.

The shift went pretty quick tho, i watched two films. How High, and Resident Evil. Both brilliant films! How high is SO funny, its Redman and Method Man in a killer stoner comedy! And, well resident evil just kicks ass. ๐Ÿ™‚

Its nearly 9pm, hmm, what shall i do with my night.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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