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Young and Nieve.. Apparently..

Ok, so i post on 28days, a URBEX forum that is, well.. its great! The people are sound and some of the members have some right balls when it comes to going in different locations. Some of the sites they do would NEVER be on my to-do list.. Far too risky!

Anyway, i posted a picture of me sat in a chair.. and i just happend to have a grinder sat one my lap *rolls eyes* – One of the members thought he best point out to me that its not a good idea to post images of myself in a site – with a grinder on my lap.

The subject of what i post on the internet has been brought to my attention before, and like before, i reminded this person of a few pointers that he was obviously unaware of

1) I have run a freely accessable blog, outlining most of my life – for a good 3 years. So if anyone wants to find out anythng about me, they can – just type olstar in google! LOL
2) i have collected images from camera phones for longer than ive blogged for, and some of the images would get me in a lot more trouble than the one of me being sat in a derolict hospital with a grinder in my lap.

3) i wont accept that a person such as my self, will ever be penalized for anything i have ever written on the internet. Ok, some people do (*coff* david, or was it stu? :P) but im not in a position, nor ever will be in a position where ill be checked up for purpouses of a job or a refrence, using the internet.

I pointed a few things out to him, and after a few exchanged messages he kinda realised it really doesnt concern me – but im left thinking this..

Is it really wise of me to record the things i record?

Should i censor my life so that people dont know the real me?

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You dont have to censor anything mate. Its only since I started blogging n stuff that ive started to show my true side to everyone who wants to know about me.

Most of my closest friends would fall out with me if they knew the truth about stuff I get up to. But the internet is a place where you can be open about things and no one really cares. I think its a pretty cool photo anyway! A grinder…? Oh shit. Someone call the cops.

I photograph a lot and its really the only way to document things, and re-live the moment so to speak. It shows others how your life differs to theirs and backs up any stories you have to tell. Just because one person dosnt agree with something, dosnt make it a bad thing. In my view anyway.

Looking at the photo, im guessing it was taken just as I was dashing down the corridor to alert you all of our Wilko’s security guy paying us a visit? It makes me laugh!

Down with censorship.

Yes mate, it was took about 2 seconds before you came screaming down that corridor!!


and yes, thats why i like to take so many photos. if it had not taken all the ones i have i would of forgotten everything that had happend between the years 2000 to the present day.

fuck censorship!!!

Fuck censorship indeed.

Think i view similar to you, there not gonna come after me they have bigger fish to fry.

Which to an extent is true, but occasionally it may happen to you.

I’ve got MP3s hosted and directly linked from my blog, yes i could get sued, but its more likely they’d just mail me and say err stop please?

The only worrying thing i guess is IF something did happen where people had to look back on your life for a character judge etc.. would a blog work against you?

However why let that worry you as IF something bad was to happen and you wasn’t around to tell the tale, the blog serves as a reminder of what you did and who you were.

Not a truer word has been spoken.

I think the people on that urbex site are fantastic URBEX’ers, but when it comes to the internet they think they know best – and clearly dont. 😀

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