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Yes thats right, 4 years ago on this very day, i bought the domain name and the legacy had begun! I guess the idea may of been thought of a few days before then, but the birth of the website was on this day, and thats the date that counts!

Its mad to think its been going 4 years. I dont think when we started it we realised how much of our lives it would consume. And if im being perfectly honest, id let it consume all that over again! The experience of meeting people and going to shows and just the thrill of seeing loads of mint cars with stickers in the windows is enough to keep me hooked for a while yet! I just want to get a cool car again so that i can get the proper buzz from shows/cruises that im so drasticly missing!

We went to clumber park today, for a bbq and stuff. Unfortunatly it rained, but in true british style we said fuck you mr weather man! and we had a bbq anyway! We had a few marquees to keep us dry. And it was a good laugh. We need to start doing more cool things to bring the members closer together in time for the shows. As we dont want loads of seperate little groups, we want one big army!

I have my new 80gig hard drive in my laptop now, and it running about 40 times better already. When its got the new memory in it will run fast as shit! I had a feeling that the hard drive was playing a part in its shitness, there was no way my old laptop could of been faster than this, and until i changed the hard drive it was! Its clearly not now, everything runs very smooth. I have filled it with exactly 30 gig of my files. All my videos, all my music, everything. So on my next boring long wank security shift, im gonna sort it all out and uncover all my hidden forgotten stuff that rules*! πŸ™‚

*hopefully, if it even exists..

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Its my CagClub sites 1st year anniversary soon!

Its a great feeling when we arrange meets, and loads of bikes turn up. Hopefully when the weather gets better, were going to try and make it even bigger.

I bet the feeling with Maxxd is loads better. Its quite scary how big a community it actually is!

Yeah man, its a brilliant feeling!

And wicked news that your still going strong after nearly 1 year! COngrats! πŸ™‚

I love it when go to other peoples events in force.. and like shit loads of cars turn up in an extrenly short space of time πŸ™‚

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