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I got a call (as usual) from security askin me to cover a shift in notts on saturday 7am to 7pm. Yeah, ok ill do it. One problem though. I was watchin two pairs of trainers i just could not miss!

Adidas Supergrips - rare green colourwayAdidas Superstar Underworld - RARE!!!

The pair on the left are adidas supergrips. ive never seen them in that colour. And the pair on the right are adidas superstar underworld’s – part of the 35th anniversary collection. VERY rare, and not made any more, 5000 pairs worldwide!

The last time i relied on someone to bid for me i didnt win, and i couldnt lose these! Someone on my superstar site told me about auction sniper. He said he never loses, all thanks to their bid-5-seconds-before – sneaky type techniques..

So, i entrusted this sniper thing, and put a max bid of £25 on the supergrips, and £80 on the superstars – i really wanted them and expected them to go for loads..

I got home after work, and..well. I still have £10 in my paypal account after paying for them 😀

See for yourself the bargains i got! [Ebay link one] [Ebay link two]


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