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Unable to sleep v2

I layed in my bed, thinkin about the crusty cobs that were in my bag downstairs. Is that sad? I just love the smell of crusty cobs. Mmmm fresh bread smell.. there is nothing better. Anyway, i couldnt bear the thought of the cobs potentially being stale when i woke up, so i went downstairs and devoured 3 with a tin of beans. It was most satisfying. lol.

Ive been thinkin about my caddy too, and if i just want it to work – which i do – then i need to clean out the fuel system, wire up an electric fuel pump and be done with it! Once im driving it i will be more enthusiastic about doing things to it. I mean, last summer i pretty much had it road worthy. It was only the fuel system that let me down. So as long as the weather is nice this week ill do my best to get it working!

I guess i best try and sleep. Im gonna check next weeks weather and maybe a few mates blogs, then ill hit the sack.. πŸ™‚

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