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Evil Dentist Man

Ok, when i was younger my teeth seemed to be indestructable. I could do anything, eat anything, and drink anything. They were a tad sensitive at one point, but i never ever had any problems with them. Until now!

A few months ago i had like a mini filling. It wasnt a proper one – it was as if he was filling the top of the tooth, rather then drilling it out and filling the lot. But today, i went and had to have a full proper one. The worst part was the initial injection, then the rest was just a bit uncomfortable really. Im sat at work now tho, and my face feels like its been punched. And i know that sometime tongiht i WILL bite my tounge or lip and it will hurt a LOT!

Today has been a cool day really, nice easy stress free work. Got everyhting i needed to do oput the way,a nd even prepped most of the work i need to do when i go back next week. IN fact, the onyl thing that has annoyed me today – is the fact i have got to re-do the entire typhoo job. There was nothing wrong with it as such, it was simply the fact that when the marquee was erected in sunlight, the panels looked pink. Well, what do you expect when red is printed onto white? So they are THROWING AWAY the old ones, and we are making two new ones for them. And i bet they dont even get used to 1 month. Some people have money to burn. Makes me sick too, cos i spent a lot of time doing the last ones. Bastards.

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