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Just as expected.

I have recently received a phone call from Thor asking if i could work tomorrow from 7am to prob 7pm. I knew they would ring and ask me, so i booked the tuesday off work. Im really glad i did now too, else id be bloody nackered by the time i got to work!

Went into town for a short while last night. Dunno whats going off at the mo i quite enjoy going down – just to see new faces, and meet up with some old ones. I think town is one of the only places i see old school friends.

I saw loads of people i knew last night, it was great. But its nothing like when me and dave used to sell weed. Wholly shit, everywhere we went we used to have people sayign “Alright olly” “Alright dave” – and we’d have no idea who they were! It used to happen ALL the time, now it happens once in a blue moon. We still do get the odd person introducing themselves to us and we have no idea who they are. I guess thats the problem with selling weed, and smoking it too. 🙂

LSOM tonight, i hope its not overshadowed by CN’s little get together. We’ll probably have a few people leave about  9pm to go up there. Ah well, one day they’ll be shut down.

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A double?…lucky guy ;). I’m alrite thanks mate – enjoying my last few months of living at the tax payers expense! We shud grab a pint in the summer!!…been a while man…

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