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Mission Accomplished.

I came on my adidas superstar forum tonight, and a guy has come on asking if some Run DMC adidas superstars on ebay, are fake. At the moment we are undeceded as to wether or not they are. But just the fact someone has come on, specifically to ask us if the trainers he wants to buy are fake brings a smile to my face! Its like the another of the major goals of that site has been accomplished. 😀

Until my good friend dave (djb31st) cleared something up for me earlyer, i thought i was either going mad or my computer was haunted! lol. I use gtalk mainly for my chatting, as MSN Messenger is bloody awful. Anyway, every now and then the gtalk main window – and even the chat windows if i remember correctly, just pop into focus. And its TOTALLY random! Not when someone signs in, or out, or anything! I guess its a reaction to something, or its some totally random bug that google have overlooked. I should imagine they would iron it out for the next release.

Im watching about 15 things on ebay at the mo. 3 pairs of trainers, and a load of hard drives and memory for my laptop. I think im gonna buy a 512 memory chip, and maybe a 80gig hard drive. that should kick it up the arse!

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that gtalk thing has annoyed my further today!

i’ve searched the net and nobody else seams to be on about it either :-/

i guess it’ll get fixed!

Also just read over the last post and u doing that site for jackman?

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