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No its not that cheesy boy band, lol – I went from not havin a penny to my name, to havin over £600 in my pocket! Duncan came and payed me my security wages in cash so that i can eat over the next few days! Hes a gent!

Im gonna try and give my mum £500 of it, so she can save it for me. I dont really want to spend any of my securty money if i can help it. Ill try and save it up for my trip 🙂

Heres 3 recent pics from my moblog – one of the pics will related to someone who reads my blog. Lets see if he picks up on it 😉

TyphoooStu's Old mouse!! I still use it!! :DTree writing
Right, best get back to work!

7 replies on “Flip/reverse…”

No fricking way! Did I give that to you back at Ancis or something? Man! That’s craziness.

Congrats on the money bythe way 😉 I got paid today too, what a relief.

You bought it to use at ancis, and just left it..

I taxed it when the shit was hitting the fan 😀

Every time i use it im like “i must take a photo and show stu”


Its still goin strong bless it!

It’s a cool mouse. I prefer the one I have now because it has about a billion buttons on it for doing everything… But that one was cool for carrying around.

You know what… I don’t think it even occured to me that I didn’t know where that mouse was until today! Weird.

Its a great mouse..

I remember buying one befroe optical mouses were invented. And it said something like “good for 1,000,000,000 clicks!”

I probably went over that in the fisrst year! 🙂

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