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Again, payday from mini marquees. Oh wait, i had £160 go out today – and thanks to orange taking me £100 overdrawn, i am now OVERDRAWN AGAIN!

No money, another £35 charge. Im getting fucking sick of this.

I think im gonna ring my bank and see if i can get one lifted.

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Definitely do it. It’s worth calling up and shouting at them. Even if they don’t lift the charges you’ll feel a bit better 😉 If they do lift them then it’s a bonus. ell them you’ll be closing your account if they don’t lift the charges or something. Point out that there is no shortage of other banks and you don’t have to stick with their crap.

Muhahaha – First, i rang orange. They ahve confirmed they are crediting me £35 for one charge. Then i rang lloydstsb, had to moan like fuck t two people, and eventually they said “we’ll lift one charge as a sign of good will” – haha

I jsut mention that i try hard, i work 7 days a week and everyone hates me. hahaha

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