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So far so good..

Today is being ok for me. I was totally exhausted when i woke up this morning again, but the day is nice and steady – therefore im not having to push myself too far.

Its 20 to 2 in the afternoon, and Thor (security) havent rang me yet about working this weekend. As a rule (ive just made this up like) but if they dont ring me before i get home and sit and chill – they can bollocks! Unless its for one night. Cos thats not too bad and i do really need the money.

I love it when its slack at em em ecks 3 (my work) becasue i get to piss about on the net. Today i have changed my soletrader site, created a Cruise Mansfield site (tee hee) and i have sorted out all my ebay shit. Oh, and ive been through and deleted (so far) 17 accounts from our server – As there are many customers that are still on it even though they moved to a different server months ago. Hopefully the tidy up will reveal all the hosting money we are owed.

So, fingers crossed for me! I mgiht have a free weekend! Wooo!

Oh – By the way. The Cruise Mansfield site is not meant to look pretty, or function properly. Its mearly me using a domain name i bought ages ago to get us at the top of google when someone searches for cruise mansfield 🙂

2 replies on “So far so good..”

that ebay feed thing looks fairly cool!

Crazy how messing about on the web these days seams to mean creating content for the web, a few years ago it would be just looking about and chat rooms!

Keep working on taking over google, gotta bring more members in surely!
Have to check the stats at somepoint, they should show the score 🙂

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