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Its finally paying off..

I can safely say, being olstar is finally paying off! My superstar site has been ticking over nicely – got 5 or 6 regulars that are real superstar enthusiasts. Which to be fair, is 10 times better than having 100 randoms who just use it for a chat site.

Anyway, one of the members is called Gez Ensine,and he’s a Hip Hop tour manager! So obviously i quizzed him and said that if he does anything in notts, that he’s to hook me up!

And hes only gone and done just that! 3rd May @ Rock City in Notts – The Streets & Sway! WTF! how cool is that! Guest List Stylee! So ive asked to see if he can get me and 2 others on the list – Looks like me tim and shep are goin to have one fuckin awesome night!

Sway is a UKHH artist, won best UK Hip Hop last year at some show. Not heard much of his stuff, but who cares! if its live it wil be good!

And i have got to work sunday night to tuesday morning. Ahhfuckit. 🙁

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