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Easter Jollydays

I appologise to any of you who have been trying to access my blog, and have been getting a “cannot be displayed” error. Im having some DNS issues with the server, and me or djb cant put our fingers on it. Ive added another A record into the config for, for the blog.0lly subdomain. Hopefully thats sorted it.

Its the easter weekend, today is thursday but technically its friday as theres no more dayjob untill tuesday! But just to burst my bubble, security rang me and wanted me to work from tongiht to tuesday – i kinda told him to get on the right bus. But i did say i would work some of it. I refuse to work the lot tho, they must think im some kind of machine!

I got 3 easter eggs this year, two from my mom, and one from work. The work one is about demolished tho, and its only 13:33.

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