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Well, that was interesting..

I had been to the NEC today to look at some cool new printers n shit – with me boss and craig. It was a huge show, and (as my boss quite rightly said on the way down) It must be one of the most expencive-to-run shows ever!

One large cpmpany from Germany had hired a WHOLE hall out at the NEC, costing over £3million! JUST for floor space! I think they had brought the whole factory with them + all their employees!

The show was great but the ride home left me feeling a little ill. So when i got home i started installing a few bits and bobs onto my new laptop – while it was installing the updates and the new hardware i just went to lay down on my bed for a few minutes.


That was about 6:00pm, its now 10:09pm haha.. I have woke up to get undressed cos i was still fully clothed. I should really have a bath now, but i think ill wait till the morning, as ill probably wake up at about 7:00am due to having too much sleep!

New laptop is bangin, but as the previous owner didnt give it a fresh installation of windows it does run a little slow at times. im gonna rebuild it, re-install windows, buy and fit a dvd/cdrw combo (available on the bay for £50ish) and its having up to 1gb of memory too. So for an extra £100 ill of made this one kick ass laptop!

Notts ice skating tomora night! Woop! To say ive been skating since i was about 13, i have never been skating in the new notts rink!

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