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I have recently bought a new laptop. Its not new new, but its about 3 times more powerful than my last one. But something isnt right just yet with it. I think it needs a new hard drive. It runs ok, but there is a lot of hard-drive crunching.
Its quite strange tho, i have ran my old Satellite Pro 4200 for about 6 years. I have taken it to bits LOADS of times, its had a new hard drive, it had blagged memory put in it, and ive even tried changing the CDROM once. And through some feat of engineering, it has lasted and ran sweeter than a nut all its life. Well, untill yesterday.

I wanted to see what memory sticks were in the old laptop, so i opened up the back took the sticks out to see if tey would work in my new laptop. They fit – but didnt work. And then when i tried to power up the old one, i get some error saying a file is missing please insert the winxp disck to continue. How? Why?

I think the problem is my old puter has caught wind of me playing with my new one, has seen the amount of time i spend with it, and has simply given up on me. If im perfectly honest i think i may swap hard drives as the old one always ran bob on. I may look for a larger one on ebay, but i quite like the idea of not havin to shell out any money.

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