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Overdrawn charges..

I hear on the TV the other morning, that a guy was discussing how he had taken Lloydstsb to small claims court – over the huge account charges he was receiving for going a tiny bit overdrawn. Anyway, he actually won!

This got me thinking, i am being conned by my bank in pretty much the same way. I had £90 of built up account charges, and they took them out of my bank all at once. Which in turn took me overdrawn again. I could see a pattern here. And if i remember correctly its happend before, where i havent quite had the correct amount of money in my bank and they have taken the charges out taking me overdrawn again. Its like they wait untill the time is right, so that they can constantly take money off me!

Anyway, i wasnt being ripped off like that, so i rang the bank. And apparently a representative from some department will be calling me to discuss it. It give me hope tho that someone has already complained about this, and won.

I have actually had some charges removed once before. I was getting myself into a bit of a mess (like usual) and i went to sit down with my bank representative. She sorted me out, and cleared a few of the built up charges – which at the time was a godsend!

I guess banks have got to make money, but taking up to £100 a month off me in charges is taking the piss isnt it really.

See dave (djb31st) – Your not the only one who hates banks!

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True banks piss everyone off i think!

Ring em up and blag em, sure you’ll manage to get something sorted, even if its only a agreement where they don’t charge you again till you back on your feet.

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