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How life comes back round..

I was watching “Harold and Kumar get the munchies” and a small black dude after telling a rather unbelevable story about how he ended up there because he was black – came out with a phrase that i think ill remember for the rest of my life.

“The Universe tends to unfold as it should”

And i find this statement very true. If someone leads a life of evil, then one day they will get what is coming to them. Its also true when you talk about past relationships. As some of you will know, i split up with a long term girlfriend a month or two ago, and when i was with her we decorated our room, bought a bed etc and paid for it all on her mum’s argos card, so that we could buy now pay later kinda thing.

Anyway, i got a text today. The bill is £350, so thats £175 i have got to fork out, if not more.. How shit is that. Just getting over it all, and bam – another debt.
I struggle and work like a bastard sometimes 7 days a week – and i am CONSTANTLY giving my money to other people. None of my money, go’s to me. Apart from to buy me food, petrol and weed. I spend very little on food, and petrol – im always running on my petrol light. And i have cut down on weed – after it skyrocketed becasue of the break-up.

So what gives?

What more can i do? There just aren’t enough days in the week!

Tonight i am putting all my trainers on ebay, some of the crapper ones on £19.99 buy it now, and the half decent ones on just a £19.99 starting bid. Once i have these shifted at least ill have a few hundred to play with again.

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