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Olstar Blog V3.0

Hi there!

This is the 3rd personal blog that i have ever had. I started off using bblog, which was good to start off with, but soon got quite annoying. In the end it was being attacked by spambot’s and i just couldnt be arsed with it.

Then there was my long serving mamblog, where i used the CMS Mambo, and a plugin called “Mamblog” which was fine, except i had to write the entries in Dreamweaver, spell check them (probably th eone thing ill miss!) copy it across, then submit it, open it, edit it so that it appears on the front page. And that was that. I had gotten the whole process down to a few minutes (apart from the actual writing of the blog) – BUT it was still not good enough.

I then decided to install a travel blog. So that i could plan, track and report on my round the world trip. So i opened fantastico (a auto-installer that is built into cpanel) and i noticed there was a selection of blogs that i could choose from. After about 5 minutes of looking i noticed that wordpress would accept incoming emails and upload them as blog entires. I couldnt believe my luck. Its basically exactly what i wanted, as then i can blog from ANYWHERE that has email functionality. Even my phone!

I played around with it for a bit, and decided that it was ideal for not only my travl blog, but also my main blog.

Olstar_Weblog_v3.0 was born. 🙂

Oh, and i shook the vending machine and got a free bounty. Muhahah 😀

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